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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ongoing - Now Where Was I...

Well that little IBL/environment maps diversion in mid-April has lasted over two months already! But I think the Poser WorldBall, DAZ Studio WorldBall, and various environment sets that have come out of it have been worth it. I've still got a few bug fixes to sort out (thanks for the feedback!),  and I'll get those done asap. I also have several more ideas for the WorldBall in various stages, but I think they'll go on the back-burner for now.

Like I said before, most of my projects are inter-related in ways that aren't necessarily obvious. For example, the WorldBall project (itself triggered by something I was doing on my website) was also  a test-run for putting data for a script in a plain text datafile. It seems to work nicely on a PC (I'm trying to fix a few MAC issues). Once that's done I can get back to updating the Smart+ Prop script to use a datafile, although I'll probably do a test-run with the bowler hat first (and maybe the S.E.Asian helmet too). There's also that dummy hand thing (although a 'dummy head' will probably come first, as part of the bowler hat).

Here's a few of the other things on my list that I need to get back to:
  • My Unreal Imperfect Website is still 'very much under development' - I need to get it sorted.
  • Batch 2 of my low-resolution knots in OBJ format never materialised. Maybe it's about time now?
  • The jezail is something I'm looking forward too - a bit of straightforward modelling and texturing, just for fun. But I can't imagine releasing it without making it a Smart+ Prop...
  • The water jar [uploaded 28th June], birdcage [uploaded 3rd August], Roman shields, and .
  • Other stuff from December and the '/Projects/!STALLED/' folder on my hard drive...
1) S.E.Asian Shield Designs
2) S.E. Asian Shield UV Swapping
3) Displacement/Bump Sarong
4) Dummy Hand and GotoDummyHand Script
5) Roman Scutum (Early Empire)
6) Triple Material Shader (TMS)
7) Simple Claw Hammer
8) More 'Wear' Patterns
9) Sak Yant
10) More Shields
11) Tiling Textures
12) Shields with a handgrip and forearm strap
13) PropGoto+ and Smart+ prop improvements

If anyone wants to remind me of something I said I'd do then now is probably a good time!

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