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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ongoing - Smart+ Prop Scripts And The S.E.Asian Helmet

It's been a while since I posted, but that's because I've been busy actually doing stuff.  If you've looked at  Renderosity's PoserPython forum or DAZ's Developer Discussion forum you might have seen a flurry of questions regarding file-handling. That's because I'm making a couple of improvements to the PropGoto+ / Smart+ Prop idea...

1) I'm taking the figure-matching, prop-positioning, and hand-posing parameters out of the scripts and putting them into a simple CSV format datafile.

2) I'm adding a few extra figures to the supported list - the list's up from 28 to 53 figures:

Aiko 3
Apollo Maximus
Behemoth 2010
Don P5
F202 Dollie
G2 James
G2 Jessi
Genesis (basic figure)
Hiro 3
James P6
Jessi P6
Judy P5
Kirwyn's K
Laura 3
Luke 3
Michael 3
Michael 4
Hiro 4
Miki 2
Project Human Female
Project Human Male
Stephanie Petite 3
The Girl
Victoria 3
Victoria 4
Aiko 4
Stephanie 4
She-Freak 4
The Girl 4
Simon P7
Sydney P7
Alyson2 P8
Alyson P8
Ryan2 P8
Ryan P8
Victoria 1-2
Michael 1-2
Matt Maddie 3
Stephanie 1
Aiko 1
Preteen Boy Girl
The Princess
Miki 4

3) I'm extending the Smart+ idea to cover stuff that goes on the head, i.e. hats and helmets.

Status? I'm testing with a simple bowler hat prop I knocked up. All the figure-matching and hat-fitting data is now in the CSV file. I have both a PoserPython script and a DAZ Script that read the data from the file, use it to match the figure, and use the appropriate fitting data for that figure. So I have a bowler hat that (under most circumstances) will smartprop, (more-or-less) correctly fitted to any of 53 different figures with just two clicks (1st click on the Smart+ Bowler icon in the library, 2nd click to confirm the figure match). And it works in Poser 6 & 9 and DAZ Studio 3 & 4.5

Main focus at present is making a generic Smart+ script (Poser and DAZ Studio) with the bulk of the functionality, and separate prop-specific scripts that do any prop-specific stuff (e.g. apply DS materials) and then call the generic script, passing a few parameters so the generic script knows e.g. whether to put the prop in the figure's hand or on its head.

Once that's sorted the hand-held props should be fairly straightforward. I've already released four props - a sword and three shields - that use the hard-coded Smart+ script, and I've already proven the method for getting that data from the CSV file instead. Of course, I still need to create the individual hand poses for the new figures - but I can use one I've already got as a start for each of them.

No ETA yet, and it's not going to be soon if I try to do all this. So maybe I'll do an initial release of just the hat-fitting stuff, with the bowler hat? If I get things right I can then simply release updates to the CSV file, generic Smart+ script (Poser and DAZ Studio), and Smart+ sword and shields.

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