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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My First Website Update For Over A Year

If you've been looking at the galleries at Renderosity, ShareCG, DeviantArt, Hivewire3D or DAZ3D then you might have seen that I now have quite a large number of pictures uploaded (less at DAZ and Hivewire as they have a PG-13 policy and many (most?) of my pictures include nudity and/or violence). This has inspired me to do something about the 'Gallery' on my website - so here's a link to the gallery page of my website and here's a screenshot...

As anybody who's ever looked at my website knows I don't like the common, normal, popular, or whatever you like to call it way that websites look...

Have you ever watched "Life Of Brian" - you know, the Monty Python film? Remember the scene where the huge crowd are gathered outside his window and he's telling them "You're all individuals." and they all reply in unison, "Yes, we're all individuals." - except for one guy who pipes up with "I'm not."

He's one of my heroes!