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Monday, 28 January 2013

Ongoing - Sorting out the morphs for the new railings

Quick Poser 8 render - I loaded several cube primitives and moved, Y-scaled, and Y-rotated them sort-of randomly. Then placed one of the railing props I'm working on on top of each cube and aligned with it. Then tried to use my morphs to get the rails of each prop to connect to the next prop. As you can see I'm not quite there with the morphs.

You'll also notice the basic steel cable texture (DAZ forum thread link) I'm going to include - that needs some work too, but the basic idea works fine (both in DAZ Studio and Poser).

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sneak Peek - Another Set Of Railings...

I had a lot of fun creating that last set of railings, so I've decided to do one or two more - I'd spotted another nice set of quayside railings, so here's my version (still a WIP) - 880 vertices / 940 faces on this one (compared to 3148 vertices / 3376 faces on the one I've just released).

I added extra smoothing for the renders below (using 'SubD' in DAZ Studio, and 'Smooth Polygons' in Poser). The texture is just plain diffuse/specular colours, plus a procedural 'Clouds' texture for the bump channel...

I'm very pleased with the results (even though the Poser 9 render indicates a smoothing issue I need to look at - without  'Smooth Polygons' P9 renders fine).

I plan to release this as a similar package to the 'Railing01' plus the 'Morphing Railing Add On'. I think it'll work best with simple procedural textures, but I'll UV map it any way.

(the fact that the three rails aren't vertically aligned makes for an interesting challenge with the 'Bend' morphs...)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Freebie - Morphing Railings Add On

An extra Morphing Railing prop that adds some flexibility to the recent Railings01. Available free from ShareCG or Renderosity.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Freebie - Railings01

Final tweaking, testing and packaging completed. Now uploaded to ShareCG and Renderosity FreeStuff  Both sites require login to download (and Renderosity requires login to simply view the page) - you can create an account for free at either site.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

SneakPeek - A Simple Set Of Railings

After getting those shields to the state I wanted them I decided to take a break. But a few days ago I was watching a program about maths on YouTube (it was quite interesting... honest!) when I spotted a rather nice quayside railing in the background. I decided that it would be a good little project, and I've been playing around with it for the past few days. It's more-or-less complete now - here's a sneak peek...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Freebies - DAZ Studio Shader For S.E.Asian Shields (Final? Version)

Now available for download from ShareCG or Renderosity Freestuff

DAZ Studio version of the shader, created using DS4.5 Shader Mixer. I've put a fair bit of effort in to ensure that it will work in both DS3 and DS4, with or without access to Shader Mixer. So it should be fine even in DS3 Free.

Also includes generic DMS (Dual Material Shader) and TMS (Triple Material Shader) DAZ Studio shaders that can be applied to any surface.