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Monday, 2 September 2013

Ongoing - Time To Fix A Couple Of Old Problems That I've Just Been Reminded Of

It wasn't until I chanced upon FarEastAdventure's 'East By Southeast' image on DeviantArt that I spotted a few old issues that I'd almost forgotten.

1) The texture on the dha (S.E.Asian sword) held by the figure on the right is definitely not how it should look. I'd known there was something wrong almost as soon as I'd released it thanks to Dorseyland's post on my DAZ3D Freepozitory thread, but hadn't figured out what. And I'd then forgotten about it.
2) The shield's using the basic texture, not the shield shader (which produces far superior results). I checked the ZIPs I'd uploaded and realised that I hadn't included any 'notes on use' for the DAZ Studio version (there's notes on use for the Poser version in the readme). I also vaguely recall somebody on the DAZ3D forums commenting that the DS shield shader looked too complicated - it would be if I didn't provide any explanation!
3) The chedi's not right (but then again it was a beta, so no real surprises). Three main things:
i) The black ring around it is actually a gap between individual Chedi Building Blocks. I knew that when I released it, but since it was a beta I didn't bother fixing it.
ii) The edges look too sharp and angular. Again, that's something I knew about, but didn't bother with since it was a beta.
iii) The texture looks very flat. I'd completely forgotten that I'd only released the JPG images for the 'Seen Better Days' add-on texture. I'd intended this texture to be used with a good amount of bump, but I'd never done the mat files.

Anyway, I managed to fix (3)(iii) yesterday... you can get the CBB Seen Better Days Poser/DAZ Studio Mat Files from ShareCG, or CBB Seen Better Days Poser/DAZ Studio Mat Files from Renderosity Freestuff.

I'm currently looking at the dha and shield textures.
- I've now got the dha looking as it was always intended to look in Poser, and I'm almost there with the DAZ Studio material presets. Also discovered that the Poser MC6 file  for the dha, 'Basic.mc6' is completely wrong, and calls up JPG files that don't exist! I'd never spotted that as I'd never used it.
- For the shields I think the simplest, most user-friendly solution will be to provide an additional 'With Shaders' version of each Poser MC6 and DS material preset, plus possibly a short PDF to help anybody who wants to customize the shield shader.

As usual, no ETA...