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Friday, 31 January 2014

Ongoing - HDR Lighting For Poser/DAZ Studio WorldBalls

I recently created a couple of scripts to make the generation of worldball environment sets much less tedious/error-prone. Once I'd got these scripts the daunting prospect of going through the whole tedious procedure several times at different exposure settings to create an HDR light probe suddenly became irrelevant. The long-winded, tedious, error-prone procedure had prevented me from doing any proper investigation. But now, with the help of modified versions of those scripts, I can create HDR light probes for Poser and for DAZ Studio's UberEnvironment2 in around 15 minutes. This has allowed me to play around a bit more and work on dentifying the best Terragen Classic exposure settings, Poser root light node settings, and DAZ Studio UberEnvironment2 light settings.

There are several vital elements that helped me get to where I am now, so credit where it's due:

I found that using negative Terragen Classic exposure settings was the biggest mistake - these made my HDR much too dark and I couldn't get things to look any good in Poser/DAZ Studio no matter how much I fiddled and tweaked. However, when I tried using just four exposure settings of  0, +1, +2 and +3 the end results in Poser/DAZ Studio were much better. A picture speaks a thousand words, so here are two Poser 9 renders (top) and two DAZ Studio renders (bottom - DR3.duf) using my worldball with a new HDR set that I'm working on:

In both cases the worldball sun is switched off, so the only light is from the HDR.
- In Poser this HDR light is my worldball IBL with my HDR angular map plugged into it. (Root light node intensity=1.8, Contrast=0.5,AO swithed on with default settings)
- In DAZ Studio both worldball sun and IBL are turned off, and I've used the UberEnvironment2 with my 'convolved ue2ified TIF'* as the IBL. (intensity scale=150%, contrast=75%, 4xHi quality, occlusion with directional shadows)

I'm very pleased with the results!

*I know what that means! ;o)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Picture Time - Dawn Renders

Just noticed that I haven't posted for over a month. That's because I've been having fun creating the largest renders I've ever done - 2000x2000! Now that may not sound too big to you, but on my system it takes the best part of a day to do a render that size...

I've posted the three entries I did for HiveWire3D's "Dawn Of A New Era" on my ShareCG, Renderosity, and DeviantArt galleries - I think? I get confused. So I won't post them here just a smaller composite versions of the three images...

You'll find the full size 2000x2000 versions via the site links in the 'About Me' just over there ===>