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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Using Poser Without The Adobe Flash Library

 I found this information in a dusty old folder at the back of my hard drive. I remember looking into this when IE upgraded from 9 to 10 (yes, it was that long ago) and caused the Poser library to stop working.

I found Pumeco's "NO MORE FLASH!!!!!!" thread in the Renderosity Poser forums, including this post from bagginsbill. Here's the text of that post, although it's recommended to read the whole thread as that gives more context:
I think I found the setting - it was introduced in Poser 10 and then rescinded - probably because it doesn't work right somehow.

Exit Poser if it's running.

Find your poser.ini - the path may differ for you - mine is in

c:/Users/<YourUserNameHere>/AppData/Roaming/Poser Pro/10

In your poser.ini look for


and change the 0 to a 1.

In Poser 10, this is (I think) all you would do. For Pro 2014, you'd need to choose the embedded library as well with this line:


That was bagginsbill's work-around to stop Poser using the Flash library, and was confirmed by pumeco for Poser 10). Here's a screenshot (copied from that post/thread) showing the non-flash Poser library.

I never actually tried using this myself - I simply used the IE-update-blocker. (I should really add links to threads about that, but I can't find them at the moment)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

What, Genuine Freebies At DAZ Again?

A dozen older items, mainly generation 3/4 stuff, and items that have been genuine freebies in the past...

Not "free if you purchase XYZ product that we're pushing".
Not "free if you're a paid-up member of the Platinum Club".
Just free as in you get it without parting with any cash- you know, "free"!

And apparently it's going to be 'every week'...

I only spotted this because I was intrigued when I saw that DAZ have started advertising at ShareCG  (the 'Free 3D Models Every Week' ad, not the '$5 off DAZ originals' one).
I wondered how they were going to redefine the word 'free' to try and drag in the ShareCG users.
So I was most surprised (and delighted) to discover that some bright spark at new DAZ has actually looked up the word "free" in a dictionary at last!

(Yes, I know that there've been a few genuine freebies at DAZ over the past year - I'm still subscribed to the "Limited Time Freebie Email Message Alert" thread in the Freepozitory thread here which is still a good lead on genuine freebies, and picked up a few via that)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Notes On My Poser 'Enlightenment'...

Some time back in June (I think?) everything suddenly seemed to come together for the first time, and the pictures I was creating with Poser and DAZ Studio took a huge leap upward in quality. Since then I've been mainly using Poser 9 (even though I have DAZ Studio 4 Pro, and recently bought Poser Pro 2014) and rendering in Poser's native Firefly (even though I also bought Reality for Poser and DAZ Studio).

Lighting: using just two lights (a Diffuse IBL for global/environmental light, and an Infinite for the sun) was the starting point - my worldball freebie uses this lighting setting with a corresponding environment backdrop

Shadows: As important (and possibly moreso) than lighting! I usually turn shadows on for the Infinite (to get the shadows cast by the sun) - sometimes I use depth-mapped, sometimes ray-traced, and I play with the values for each individual picture.

But for me Ambient Occlusion (AO) was the key. I always use it for my Diffuse IBL now (and often for the Infinite as well). I use rather different settings from the default as my starting point:

Ambient Occlusion strength for each light = 1.0

Scene AO options:
- Max distance = 1.0 (I use poser units, so this is 8 feet)
- Min bias = 0.0002
- Samples = 3 (default value)
- Calculate in light (I leave this unchecked)

If I get odd black marks along the mesh lines when I render this is an indication that the min bias is set too low, so I increase it as necessary till they disappear.

Focus Blur: Although it's possible (and quite easy) to set up focus blur in Poser it really increases the render time, I'm not keen on the results, and if the results aren't right I have to re-render. I managed to find the GIMP 'Focus Blur' plugin, and in conjunction with a depth-map render of the scene this allows me to play as much as I want with focus blur in postwork.

Atmosphere: I've only really just started playing with this. Till now I've used postwork...

{Edit 19th October 2014: regarding Atmosphere - Connatic's notes in the "Visible Glowing Lights" thread here were the key I needed. I've now got those settings saved as an MT5 for the Atmosphere.}