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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Go Ahead, Comment Away!

I've just realized that the reason there's no comments on my blog (other than the "Hello, I'm Billy-No-Mates" one! ;o) is that I've had comments completely disabled all along!

So just in case anybody thinks any of my stuff here is wortha response, please go ahead and comment away.

If nobody comments it doesn't bother me in the slightest - as I've said before, I do all this mainly for my own entertainment anyway!

(I'm going to try and comment on this post myself - just to test it's working now of course...)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another Three Weeks Gone By...

I've really been on a roll creating pictures for the past three weeks - check out my galleries at either ShareCG*,  Renderosity*, or DeviantArt* - most pictures have been uploaded to all three.

*Warning for the easily offended and/or squeamish: many of the pictures contain what could be called 'tasteful/artistic nudity'. Other pictures contain what could be called 'realistic sword/arrow injuries' (e.g. blood, quite a lot of it!). For a PG-13 suitable selection of my pictures without any of this disturbing stuff try my  DAZ3D and HiveWire3D galleries.

I haven't forgotten about the promised update to the Smart+/PropGoto+ stuff - I've been continuing with updates and fixes to that: I've added support for Sixus1's Britta, Project Human LoR4es Female, Scrum, Orc, Goblin and Dwarvez, 3DUniverse's Sara, and Adam Thwaites' PollyGon; I've got the Poser version working with Anime Girl Kristin and will be making similar changes to the DS version.

So I'm almost ready to release the update (I think it'll be a sngle update with both the Poser and DS versions included)

But I've now realized that I should add a ':KNOWNPROXIES' datafile section to the datafile - this will hold the X/Y/Z translations and rotations to put selected non-Smart+ props in the DummyHand at the origin. So if the user selects one of these props and runs PropGoto+, then the script can automatically load a DummyHand proxy, put the prop in the proxy, parent the prop to the proxy, move the proxy to the hand, reparent the prop to the hand, and delete the proxy. To the user it will just appear that the ordinary prop automagically moved into Behemoth's hand. And of course the user will be able to add the same support for any prop they like by adding a single line to the datafile.