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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Freebie - Simple DAZ Studio WorldBall

Well, it's taken me a lot, lot longer than expected to get the DAZ Script version of the WorldBall working, but I got there in the end! It's available at ShareCG as Simple DAZ Studio WorldBall.

I ended up using the ShaderBuilder Diffuse IBL I was working on back in April's 'Ongoing - DIY DAZ Studio Basic IBL: Shader Mixer, to Shader Builder, to Pulling My Hair Out!' post. It's more-or-less as it was in post #21 on my DAZ forums thread (i.e. 20th April!) - I never really managed to resolve the problems I was mired in there...
The DAZ Script itself is still at the 'held together with sticky tape and string' stage, and needs a fair bit of tidying up. But it already handles a lot of the most likely problems, and I'm quite pleased with the simplicity of the UI (i.e. the dialogues presented to the user).

The whole shebang's far from perfect, but it does actually work quite nicely. And the ability to add your own environment sets by simply editing a text file is a big, big plus from my point of view.

I've also uploaded a couple more environment sets, entitled 'Above The Clouds' and 'Below The Waves'.

To use them with either of the WorldBall's you need to manually edit that WorldBallData.txt file. But once you've done it once...

Happy rendering!

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