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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ongoing - Sak Yant

The sak yant are progressing nicely now. I've got 16 completed now...

...and that's enough to go on to step two - applying the tattoos to a few figures. I'm starting with a fixed set of tattoos on the back - here's the layout:

I'll be applying these to all the figures in my Smart+ prop list. The procedure's quite easy - I simply need to project that image orthogonally onto the figure's back, and then bake the result onto the figures UV map. (I'm using Blender, and this is just to remind me of the main steps: set up a camera/light directly above the origin looking down; import figure's OBJ; rotate so surface to be tattooed is face up at origin; delete all vertices except the area to be tattooed; F5 material, select correct material, add new texture, orco, Flat, XZZ; load tattoo mask and render; adjust XY offset/size till it's correct; open UV view, create image 2048x2048 or bigger to capture detail; F10 bake, bake textures, save; edit in GIMP to trim off extra bits)

This is my resulting tattoo mask for Apollo...

... and here's how the result looks applied to him in DS4...

I think it's looking rather good now!

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