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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ongoing - Sak Yant - Scripts

I've got my first set of sak yant mapped to most of the figures in my list (plus a few extra figures). The FREAK 4, P5 Judy and Genesis are the exceptions (the first two aren't installed on my system at the moment, and the last doesn't have a separate OBJ file - no problems, but I just haven't got round to them yet).

I'm currently working on PoserPython and DAZ Script 2 scripts to make it easy to apply tattoos using these masks. I'm starting with a simple script that will use a mask image (selected by the user via a dialogue) to apply a tattoo to the currently selected material zone of the currently selected figure (I've decided not to do the figure auto-detection and application to all required material zones straight away, since I need to do a bit more thinking about the Smart+ datafiles first).

The Poser version is very simple, seems to work fine in Poser 6* and 9, and is more-or-less ready, except for some tidying up and testing. It simply inserts a new Blender node at the Diffuse_Color  (and the Alternate_Diffuse if that's being used) inputs of the Poser_Surface and adds an Image_Map node (using a user-select tattoo mask image) to control the blend(s).

The DAZ Studio version is also very simple and works fine in both DS3 and DS4.5 using my ShaderMixer based material - the preview window shows a totally grey material, but renders fine in both using 3Delight, but not apparently in Luxus/LuxRender. I'm working on LIE support in the script to get round this, and it's now looking promising thanks to Richard and Rob over on the DAZ Developer Discussion forum.

*The preview pane in Poser 6 shows the mask image as the texture but renders fine. The Poser 9 preview pane is correct.

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