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Monday, 24 March 2014

Almost There... An Update To My 'PropGoto+' And 'Smart+ Props' (Poser Version Only At Present)

Still on target, ETA hopefully about a week from now (but definitely not the first of April!)

The documentation's turned into three separate PDFs, still working on them all:
1) A  'How To Use The Smart+ Stuff' guide (15 pages)
2) A 'How To Edit The Smart+ Datafile' guide to add support for other figures , remove figures you don't use, etc (5 pages)
3) A 'Make Your Own Smart+ Props' guide (10 pages)

I've been through a couple of tidying up iterations with the PoserPython scripts - basically trying to convert my usual 'held together with sticky tape, chewing gum, and crossed fingers' code into something a bit more professional-looking...
...just a bit...   ;o)

I've also been playing around with the Smart+/PropGoto+ stuff a lot in Poser 6 and Poser 9, using all sorts of figures to try and get it right from an end-users perspective. I'm having fun coming up with icons - here's the latest 'PropGoto+.pz2' icon (original render for the icon created using my WorldBall - all my stuff ends up feeding back into other stuff!):

It turns out that doing the documentation, tidying up the code, and playing with it all at the same time is a very useful process. It's prompted a number of functional improvements to the code, as well as a lot more datafile validation and error checking.

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