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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Almost Ready... An Update To My 'PropGoto+' And 'Smart+ Props' (Poser Version Only At Present)

One of the things that's always really bugged me as a Poser/DAZ Studio user is that many allegedly 'hand-held' props are stupid!  ...that's stupid as in "not smart"... and that's "not smart" as in " not a smartprop"...

If you load up one of these stupid handheld props it just sits at the origin. And if you're lucky enough to have found a smartprop  the chances are that it'll be for Victoria.

Unless you have a smartprop for the specific figure you're using you have to manually move the prop to your figure's hand and get it oriented correctly. Some people might find this easy, or even enjoy it. But I just find it a complete pain in the ****!

The five hand-held props I've already released are what I like to call 'Smart+'. They're smart, in that they'll load into the hand of the currently selected figure like a standard smartprop. The 'plus' is that they will do this for 28 different figures (a mixed selection of DAZ, Poser, Sixus1, and independent figures that I happen to have on my system), and also that a hand pose is automatically applied to grip the prop.

The problem is that each Smart+ Prop used a separate script, and all the data for all the supported figures was hard-coded into each script. I decided that this data would be better in an external data file. That's all working beautifully now.

The original 'PropGoto+' allowed an already loaded Smart+ Prop to be moved from hand to hand and from figure to figure within the scene. I decided that I wanted some way of doing this with any prop. By using a couple of simple helper scripts and a 'DummyHand' proxy that's working quite nicely too.

And last but not least, why stop at supporting 28 figures? I've almost doubled the number now.

I'm currently finishing up a short PDF (with lots of pictures) explaining how easy it is to use, doing some final testing, and packaging everything up.

Hopefully it'll be released in the next week or so...

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