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Sunday, 19 October 2014

OBJ Morph Targets, INJ/REM Poses, And Snarling Tigers

I've recently discovered a few rather nice Victoria face morphs in OBJ format. I know how to load an OBJ as a Morph Target in Poser 6+, and I know about PMD and INJ/REM poses. So I did a bit of searching today a came up with a couple of  quick guides to the twiddly bit that goes between them - how to convert OBJ MTs to PMDs or INJ/REM poses:

" Poser 6 PMD Injection" -

"How to Make INJ & REM Poses for Poser Custom Character Face Morphs" -

I've only tried the INJ/REM version - the instructions are very clear and straightforward. The only thing it doesn't really explain is why it uses 'PBMCC_01'...

(I've also been playing with the DAZ Milllennium Big Cat's head in Blender trying to create a "Proper Tiger Snarl" morph. I've been getting some promising results. And now I know how I'll get that back into the Mil Big Cat when I've finished it)

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