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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sources - Where That Whole Shield Thing Started

For anybody who's interested (and to keep my source material in one easily accessible place), these are the photos that started me on this S.E. Asian shield project - nice big, clear images that gave me a great start (composite below)...

They came from a thread somewhere on the VikingSword forum (I'll post the direct link when I track it down - till then I hope it's okay reposting the images here?).

There were also photos of a few other shields (composite below)...

Those images weren't so good (and I had to make up the centre part of the design on the narrow shield).

I started to find a few other images by Googling 'thai shield', 'asian shield', but they were much smaller. Here's the source for the second set of textures:

And the third:

...although halfway through I discovered a much better photo of the rectangular shield...
And the fourth (a much simpler trio!):
And the fifth:

You can now make an informed judgement on how good/bad my attempts at recreating these were.

(All images in this post are 90% quality JPGs exported from GIMP after compositing the original images. Image sizes are as per the originals)

If anybody objects to my posting these images here on copyright grounds please contact me and I'll remove them.

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