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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

PictureTime - My Year-Old Attempt At A Phi Krasue

Here's a couple of renders my alter-ego was working on for a Halloween 2011 competition, but never finished - a 'Phi Krasue' (ผีกระสือ in Thai, a malevolent female spirit from South East Asia. In appearance a woman's head floating in the air, with internal organs trailing from the neck...)

This first render was when I'd got the composition and lighting about right, although the Phi Krasue herself doesn't look right - too European, and too grey (although I love the blank expression looking straight out at you...

I then started playing with ideas for the Phi Krasue herself, and the next picture is the Krasue I liked best...

Unfortunately I never got round to putting the two together. Simply putting the second Krasue into the first scene just doesn't look right - as you can see from this simple cut-and-paste and minimal edit...

My artistic skills hit a brick wall at that point, and I put the picture to one side.

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